Friday, March 17, 2006

More On Girly Men

Rush has a great take on the Democrats and the dearth of "real men" in their ranks. I think he's on to something.

I know that they're not manly. They've been feminized. They live inside the Beltway. They've been feminized by the radical feminist movement for who knows how many years now. They are not manly, and that makes them uncomfortable with Bush's manliness. They're threatened by it because manly men lead. (They may not ask for directions all the time, but they lead.) They need to go someplace even if they don't bother to ask where (laughing). They're going to go. They are confident in their own beliefs. They take risks to assert those beliefs. If I may throw myself in this category, like I courageously and bravely, against amazing opposition and odds, stuck to my position on the ports deal.

See, unmanly men -- wimps, men that have been cowed, men that have been feminized -- wait for the safety of consensus, and that's what a poll is, because a poll that shows us a majority of something, a consensus gives you an escape hatch. "Well, I was only doing what the poll said! I was only doing what the American people wanted.: You know, when all thing falls apart. I'll give you an example. Jack Bauer doesn't give a hoot in the world about polls but this new wimp president on 24 is totally driven by them. Now, who's manly and who's not? This new president on 24, he's totally cowed and he's cracking up now and it isn't going to be long before the vice president and the secretary of homeland defense actually conduct a coup to take over the government and CTU.

He's right! Well, I don't know about the 24 thing since I've never seen that show, but he sure is right about the rest of it. Think about it. Liberal men are wimps! They're all about sensitivity and feelings and appeasement. Ugghh! When I see a liberal man trying to come off as Al Gore and his "He played on our feeaarrss!" statement, and most memorably John Kerry's "!," it just looks silly, not tough. Go ahead, go through the list of liberal men you know and assess their testosterone level. You'll see what I mean. :-)

JASmius adds: If you want to hear a perfect contrast between "manly" man and "girly" man, listen to Hugh Hewitt's radio program's either Wednesdays or Thursdays (better yet, listen to it every day!). He has a segment called "the Smart Guys" with two law professors: on the left, Erwin Chemerinksy, and on the right, John Eastman. Eastman sounds like...well, like a man is supposed to sound like, whereas Chemerinksy sounds like he's in the eighth grade, or on estrogen therapy, or his right nut never descended, or something. A whiny, high-pitched, squeak of a voice kind of like if Barney Fife had turned into Dr. Evil.

I can never manage to listen to much of what Chemerinksy has to say because my snorting guffaws keep drowning it out....