Monday, August 21, 2006

Another Donkapalooza

Hey - how about we make fun of the Democrats? What is a center-right blog without making occasional fun of the Democrats?

***The wife of the previous POTUS who did nothing to protect the nation from terrorist attacks criticized the current POTUS, who had to clean up all of her husband's related messes, for failing to protect the nation from terrorist attacks while her party does everything it can to deny him the tools necessary to facilitate that protection:

"We've done some things right," the New York senator [not named Chucky Schumer] said at a community event in Schenectady. "Obviously we've beefed up airport security in some ways, but as we've learned over the last week not in every way that matters. We still have not done what we need to do to protect our ports, our borders, our bridges, our transit systems, our rail lines, it's a long list."

"I don't think our long-term strategy for homeland security is yet what it needs to be," she said.
Our long-term strategy for homeland security cannot be to hunker down at home in an armed camp under a self-imposed state of siege, which is what any attempt to guard all the potential terrorist targets in the country would amount to. What our long-term strategy for homeland security needs to be is to (1) control our borders, (2) drastically cut back on legal immigration, (3) institute profiling at all levels of transportation security, (4) stop letting Islamists hide their fifh-columnism behind the First Amendment, (5) tell CAIR to go to hell and give them a push in that direction if they won't take the hint, and, most importantly, (6) win the war against the terror masters by crushing the Iranian mullahgarchy once and for all.

So Mrs. You-Know-Who is right when she says that our HLS strategy "isn't what it needs to be." Just not in the way she's suggesting, or the NeoBolshevik "nutroots" would ever tolerate.

The continuing irony is that the latter still won't be satisfied with her criticism of the President, and won't be until she becomes as publicly crazy as Mother Sheehan.

It's hard to picture "the smartest woman in the world" playing the part of demented lunatic. But it's also hard to see her pass up another presidential run by letting personal dignity and general election electability get in the way. I guess we'll see just how badly she wants to get back to the White House - and if the Clinton machine can get the Democrat Party back from the white-knuckled clutches of the Kos-hacks.

Could have some interesting implications for key 2006 mid-term races. VERY interesting implications.

***And if the sane liars don't prevail, "Fussy Russy" Feingold will, some believe, be the Dems' 2008 answer to George McGovern.

I think the freshly scrubbed Wisconsin moonbat is more likely to be found in the trunk of a parked car somewhere between Madison and Milwaukee, but I guess time will tell.

***Remember during the 2004 presidential campaign when Opie Edwards demagogued embryonic stem cell research by promising to use it once he and Lurch Kerry were elected to make Christopher Reeve walk again? And then Kedwards lost and Reeve croaked, which no doubt was all George Bush's fault? Well, now Maryland Donk senatorial hopeful, and congressman in his spare time, Ben Cardin is promising to use ESCR to cure cancer by 2015.

And we all know that cancer can only be "licked" by harvesting human embryos like minks, and that Uncle Tom, Simple Sambo, racial traitor Michael Steele is bitterly opposed to anything that could save, um, human life, uh....don't we?

***If you are scratching your head in perplexity over how an entire political party can think it is going to trump all domestic policy issues in the 2006 mid-terms by championing the 'poor' by attacking the retailer who caters to them with the lowest prices in the retail market, congratulations, you've got lots of company.

Joe Biden versus the Smiley Face. Is that a mismatch or what?

***Bob Tyrrell isn't buying the conventional "wisdom" of the fever swamps retaking Congress in November. Would that all center-righties were as tough-minded.

***Andy McCarthy connected a couple of intriguing dots in the Corner last week:

Remember back when the New York Times first disclosed the existence of the NSA's Terrorist Surveillance Program. A number of us contended that this should be grounds for a prosecution because it alerted the enemy to our signals intelligence efforts in wartime.

"NONSENSE!" replied the Times and its allies. You see, they explained, al Qaeda well knew that we were using every means in our arsenal to penetrate its communications. Telling terrorists about the NSA program didn't alert them to anything they weren't already well aware of.

Well, apparently the ACLU, CAIR, Greenpeace and the other "public interest" ogranizations who sued the government did not get the memo.

To finish McCarthy's thought (and not totally glom his post), if the Left's earlier "logic" were to have held, the ACLU, CAIR, Greenpeace, et al, could not have asserted standing to sue to block the NSA terrorist surveillance program because, by their own argument, they could not have claimed to have been unjustly damaged by it.

Years and years after I first made the observation, it's still "any port in a storm" with these people. The tragedy is that so many "ports" keep taking them in.

***John Kerry says Joe Lieberman is "out of the mainstream."

Pot, kettle, black.

Unless, of course, Mr. French is confused and thinks poor ol' Joe is being nominated to the Supreme Court instead....

***Senate Minority Leader "Dirty Harry" Reid is even dirtier than we thought he was. But it's only Republicans who will suffer from the "culture of corruption" meme.

Maybe Reid should start doing more of his shopping at Wal*Mart.

***Andrew Young proves once more that the left-wing public relations double standard is alive and well.

And he didn't even need a fifth of Old Thumbsucker as bigotry fuel, as his long history of such execrable outbursts amply illustrates.

UPDATE: Limbaugh echoes me....