Sunday, December 10, 2006

How Wobbly Will Dubya Get?

Evidently, the Family Research Council believes that the sky is the limit, if the following email I just received is any indication:

This past summer President Bush courageously vetoed the embryonic stem cell research bill that would have forced U.S. taxpayers to fund research that requires the killing of human embryos. President Bush's action was consistent with current policies that prevent tax dollars from funding abortion. The President has also signed pro-life bills like the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. Moreover, President Bush supports abstinence-until-marriage programs, which are important in preventing teen pregnancy and the transmission of STDs.

Unfortunately, due to the change in who controls Congress, we can expect efforts to remove or undermine pro-life provisions found in several spending bills. We can also expect further efforts to de-fund abstinence-until-marriage programs, and to transfer funding to value-free sex-ed programs and the "morning-after" pill. These are but a couple of items on the pro-abortion agenda.

President Bush's continued leadership in defense of the unborn is desperately needed at this time. U.S. taxpayers should not be forced to fund the killing of human life and the destruction of the family. Furthermore, we should support sound prevention efforts like abstinence-until-marriage programs. It's vital that President Bush veto any legislation that would undermine pro-life policies. By signing the following petition, and by forwarding it to others, you will make clear to the President your hope that he continue to advance a culture of life.

Thank you for making this petition a priority in the coming weeks. Let President Bush know that his courage is appreciated and that he's not alone - that pro-life Americans are behind him in the days ahead.

Personally, I find it more than a little alarming to realize that Mr. "New Tone" is the center-right's last line of defense against America's debasement into a gigantic Belgium. But even if Dubya wasn't a domestic policy open-door, he's going to have his hands more than full enough trying to stave off impeachment at all costs. And if he's willing to indulge appeasenik wet dreams like the ISG report, which, if implemented in whole or in part, will lead directly to our catastrophic defeat in the GWOT, how likely do you think he'll be to go to the mat against more embryonic stem cell snake oil?

Still, it can't hurt to sign the FRC petition, if for no other reason than to try to remind the leaders of the Republican remnant of whose bread they need to butter if they ever want to see the majority again.