Monday, August 21, 2006

What Middle East "Peace" Looks Like

How's that Israel-Hezbollah ceasefire going these days?


***France was the biggest pusher behind stopping the Battle of Lebanon before Hezbollah could be destroyed by the IDF. So great was their commitment that they pledged five thousand troops to the UN "peace-keeping" force that was supposed to deploy to southern Lebanon.

To borrow a catch-phrase from the late Don Adams, "Wouldja believe two hundred?"

France on Thursday rebuffed pleas by U.N. officials to make a major contribution to a peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, setting back efforts to deploy an international military force to help police a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah, according to U.N. and French officials.

French President Jacques Chirac said Thursday that France would contribute only 200 additional troops to the U.N. operation in southern Lebanon, which the Security Council wants to expand from 2,000 troops to 15,000. Chirac said that a force of about 1,700 French troops and crew members on warships off the coast would provide logistical support. ...

[T]here were no firm commitments to contribute personnel for a crucial, well-equipped spearhead force of 3,500 troops that the United Nations is trying to get into southern Lebanon within the next 10 days, according to India's U.N. ambassador, Nirupam Sen. The United Nations had hoped that the mission would be made up largely of forces from advanced military powers, including France, Italy, Spain and Turkey, whose troops and firepower could deter challenges.

This must be why there are no French poker players. Also goes to show how much more generous they are with "house money" than their own - or the mirror opposite of their perspicacity.

That Frenchmen are dishonorable, dishonest, untrustworthy, and cowardly regardless of the circumstances goes without saying. Though I'd wager it is being exclaimed quite a bit in Hebrew long about now.

***From the "horse escaped and locked the rider in his stall" department comes the following bit of Kaditha naivete:

Israel said [Saturday] night that it would veto the presence in Lebanon of peace-keeping forces from nations with which it does not have diplomatic links.

Ehud Olmert, the Prime Minister, ruled out countries that do not recognise Israel, complicating the already difficult task of assembling 15,000 troops to oversee the United Nations’ ceasefire resolution and bolster Lebanese forces.

Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh — Muslim states that do not have diplomatic links to Israel — are among the few countries that have offered troops for the stabilisation force that is expected to be led by European troops.

Look at that last phrase again: "[Muslim] troops for the stabilization force that is expected to be led by European troops." Wow, that's so confidence-inspiring, if I were an Israeli, I'd be broken out in hives.

How Olmert thought that the UN wouldn't try to rook him with "peace-keepers" that would be sympathetic to Hezbollah - which are being sought because of France's reneging on their 5,000 soldier commitment and our balking at the blue helmet brigade taking as much as a year to deploy - frankly defies rational analysis. Which makes it a conundrum right at home with all the other irrationality afflicting this incalculable debacle.

***Another case in point: the UN refuses to disarm Hezbollah. Lebanon refuses to disarm Hezbollah. Disarming Hezbollah is supposed to be the raison de'tere of UNSCR 1701 establishing the Israeli-Hezbo ceasefire. So the only ones left to do the disarming are the Israelis themselves.

On Saturday the IDF took a step in that direction by sending a commando raid into the Bekaa valley to disrupt an Iranian arms delivery to the Hezbos. On Sunday United Earth Impotentate Kofi Annan and Lebanese Hezbo ventriloquist dummy Fuad Siniora blamed....Israel for "breaking the ceasefire."

This is what you get if you're Ehud Olmert and you don't have the balls to tell the "international community" to go bleep off and take care of business in Lebanon yourself. Israel cannot consign its national defense to others, because only one "other" is genuinely committed to the Jewish state's survival. And we aren't sending any troops to southern Lebanon.

Which puts the Frenchies two hundred up on us.

***That all leads us to this lament from two UN officials:

United Nations envoys will meet Israeli officials on Monday after expressing fears that a week-long truce between Israel and Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas might unravel, leading to further bloodshed.

Terje Roed-Larsen and Vijay Nambiar will hold talks in Jerusalem following their weekend visit to Beirut, where they urged both sides in the recent 34-day war to show restraint.

"We are at the tilting edge still," Roed-Larsen warned at the end of the visit. "This can easily start sliding again and lead us quickly into the abyss of violence and bloodshed."

God, what prissy rhetoric. Makes me want to just slap them repeatedly and listen to them shriek like pussified banshees. It'd be almost enough to distract me from the sheer enormity of their toxic combination of cynicism and obtuseness.

Gotta love the way Mark Levin vented on this:

Where is the President today? Where is the secretary of state today? Do they now realize what most of us realized before the ink was dry on this ceasefire, i.e., that it’s a disaster at so many levels for the U.S. and Israel?
Apparently not.

And that's the biggest enigma of all.